Previously, customers had to log in to their own online bank to perform a manual bank transfer. However, this latest development allows MiraiEx’s 6000 registered Norwegian users to make bank deposits directly to their accounts: without ever leaving the platform to fill their digital wallets. Additionally, in improving the ease of access to MiraiEx’s services, the Open Banking solution provided by Neonomics also means that MiraiEx customers can now benefit from crediting at a much faster rate than before – usually within a minimal two hours.

Regarding the new partnership, Christoffer Andvig, CEO at Neonomics states: “True to their name, (MiraiEx is a combination of the Japanese word “Mirai” meaning future and Ex for exchange) MiraiEx possesses a strong awareness of the current pain-points for Norwegian customers looking to invest in cryptocurrencies and were in pursuit of a forward-thinking solution to provide a frictionless experience for their end-users. Their goal was to make it quick and easy to make your first bank deposit: Neonomics became their solution.”

Thuc Hoang, CEO of MiraiEx, was equally optimistic: “Neonomics was chosen due to their effectiveness and the simplicity of their solutions. As a cryptocurrency exchange, we needed the solutions to allow us to integrate the data deeply into our platform – I’m happy to report that the final result means less friction, sustained top-level security, and faster deposits!”

As a licensed payment institution, Neonomics is currently connected to more than 2,000 banks across Europe enabling pure API-based account-to-account payments and account data. Subsequently, the developments in MiraiEx’s solution are not just set to benefit Norwegians; the cryptocurrency exchange and finance platform are currently reviewing multiple new markets for expansion, most likely starting out with Sweden and Denmark next year.

About Neonomics:

Neonomics is a FinTech company based in Oslo, Norway. Founded in 2017 as a direct response to the banking industry’s rapid transition into open banking, Neonomics provides global banking coverage of over 2000 banks to financial institutions and Third-Party Providers (TPPs) through one unified API. Neonomics is authorized by the Norwegian FSA as a licensed payment institution.

About MiraiEx:

MiraiEx was founded in November 2017, launching on the exchange in March 2019 and is Norway’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange in rapid growth with over 6000 registered users and 10M+ NOK in monthly trading volumes.Their goal is to offer the best platform for Norwegians who want to invest, trade and store cryptocurrencies.