When growing our team, we’ve always thought that great ideas can come from anywhere and that our organization should reflect that. We pride ourselves on our diversity and inclusivity, and have done from the very beginning of the Neonomics story.

Here’s what Kenneth, CTO of Neonomics, had to say:

Neonomics was built on the idea that all people, ideas and perspectives matter! In order to have the best approach when building our business, we have always wanted to get input from all ages, cultures and genders. Our organisation now consists of over 90 people who originate from 25 nationalities around the world, all contributing to the products and services we provide. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk!

Although this is a great milestone that we are proud to have reached, as a company we are committed to always doing better. Internally, we are working towards building a more diverse company. We’re looking forward to see what the future of the Neonomics team holds!