You might be asking, hasn’t your platform been launched already and up and running since the beginning of the year, with a live product released long before the September 14th deadline? So, why a launch party now? Here are some answers to your very fair questions.

1. We’ve seriously been too busy to find time to celebrate.

Christoffer Andvig, CEO of Neonomics

Chris having an inspiration speech on how we got to this point

With quickly filled-up schedules for traveling and many deadlines to meet, growing a startup into a scaleup has its fair share of challenges — So yes, in the last few months, we’ve had some really hectic periods with a lot of exciting projects to keep us busy, some of which have come to full fruition (you can read more about these below). But our culture is pretty much ingrained in “Work hard. Play hard”. It was about time we made that happen.

2. We’ve been granted an AISP & PISP license extension from the Norwegian FSA — the first Norwegian FinTech to have achieved such status!

Hooray! You heard us right. We’re the first Norwegian FinTech that can facilitate AIS and PIS in the EU. We’ve already obtained a payment institution license earlier this year, but extending that into a different set of functionalities requires a series of highly strict assessments by the Norwegian FSA. We’ve successfully passed the test, and are very proud to be the first one in the game.

3. Lots of KPIs successfully achieved throughout the year — we had to raise our glasses.

  1. 1,300+ banks connected through our API and the number is growing every single day.
  2. 3,000 deposit accounts created through our live open banking service, in partnership with IdFy (now Signicat) and EasyBank.
  3. Triggered both domestic and international payments through our API.