Mobile invoicing makes it easier for companies to invoice their customers, with Neonomics we can now also offer scheduled payments. This means that companies can charge customers quickly and easily. This makes it possible to completely deviate from paper invoices and let the customer receive the invoice and pay on the mobile phone, which reduces the number of unpaid invoices and simplifies the distribution phase.

Customers can pay directly on mobile by bank transfer and schedule payments 

Mobile Invoice already has several different payment methods to make it easier for the end customer. The customer can pay by card, bank transfer or Vipps. The advantage of scheduled payments is that the customer can handle the invoice right away, but that the payment takes place at a later time. In this way, the risk of the invoice being forgotten and paid after the due date is reduced.  

With a mobile invoice you can 

  • Send out invoices and reminders directly to the customer’s mobile phone 
  • Get faster payment 
  • Distribute automatically from your existing system or send out manually when the customer contacts your customer support 
  • Offers several different payment methods (bank payment, card payment and Vipps)
  • Let the customer decide when the money will be withdrawn. 

Simplify the payment process for your customers

With Neonomics Payments service, it is now possible to let the customer plan a payment. With a few simple steps, the customer can choose the bank, the account, and the date, and confirm everything with a BankID. Say goodbye to late payments and dissatisfied customers! 

Case: Link Mobility x Neonomics

Check out Optimizing SMS Invoicing with Account-to-Account Payments, to learn more about our partnership with LINK Mobility and try a demo of our implementation in Mobile Invoice.

Source: This article is an English translation of the article published on the LINK Mobility blog. To read the original in Norwegian, see: LINK Mobility lanserer ny betalingsmetode sammen med Neonomics