Shorter Checkout Journey 

End-users want a frictionless and convenient payment experience; they don’t want to think about what to do – just do. They also don’t want to spend much time going through a checkout, so a solution must be quick. A shorter checkout journey can accomplish this, auto-fills and a stored profile, which essentially enables a one-click payment solution. Open banking provides a great customer experience and a shorter checkout journey, as you can pay directly from your account. 

Understand your users 

Now that we’ve highlighted that users generally want shorter checkout journeys, that leads us to our second point; to take the time to understand your users. In order to stand out, new checkouts must be better than the services the users are used to using today, and the best place to start is to understand your users. In some segments, users may be more concerned with the security of the payment flow (for example with high transaction amounts). Others may just want to pay as fast as possible (for example when purchasing a book).  

Build trust through design and a safe platform 

Open banking payments are one of the safest ways to pay, but a secure solution itself is not enough. The solution also needs to look and feel trustworthy. A well-designed checkout that works every time, helps to build trust and make the end-users feel safe. In the case of payment design, less is more. Don’t overwhelm end-users with information and steps. It’s also essential that the solution is optimised both for desktop and mobile for the best payment experience.  

Tone of Voice 

Tone of voice can make a big difference to the payment experience. This ties into understanding your user. For example, if you are a B2C retailer, you could be more playful in your tone of voice, if it suits your brand. However, if you’re making a payment to a debt collector, a professional tone of voice would be more appropriate. Nevertheless, don’t be afraid of giving the checkout some personality that reflects your brand. You should talk to your customers through your products the same way you would when meeting them. 



At Neonomics, businesses get access to an open banking checkout that offers a better and safer user experience while lowering the transaction costs. We also work with our customers to improve their UX/UI design to increase conversion – we’re always happy to help! 


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