We have spent the last year forging even stronger commercial and technical partnerships across the ecosystem, and we are excited to meet with our customers, collaborators, and competitors to continue our mission of putting the power of financial services back into the hands of consumers.

Joining this year, is our COO Elise Kirkhus, who will be sharing her unique views in the session “What should an open data economy look like?”. See more details here.

Having all the top minds in open banking in one room, this session is a definite can’t miss.

Be sure to also connect in the app with our other attendees who will be waving the Neonomics flag in Amsterdam:

Christoffer Andvig – CEO
Elise Kirkhus – COO
Bjørn Eyde – Head of New Markets
Nikolaj Hartvig – Country Manager, Germany
Zbigniew Szulc – Senior Business Developer

What are we are looking forward to the most?

The pandemic has supercharged interest and adoption of open banking and we are excited to meet with so many players across the ecosystem to chart how we collaborate and compete to create the best offerings for consumers.

Open banking is a buzz word turning into a buzz saw, cutting through conventional norms in respect to what we have come to accept in respect to transactional costs in payments and how we manage and empower consumer data. We have seen an unprecedented growth in our business as a result of this shift and with this year’s show set to have a breakout focus on open initiatives, I am excited to talk to others in the industry about how we can work together to speed up this shift.- Christoffer Andvig, CEO of Neonomics

Some other agenda items that caught our attention:

“How can you turn a payment from a moment of transaction into a relationship?”
Tuesday 14:50 at The Core
“In a world where cards don’t exist, what should a payment solution look like?”
Wednesday 15.30 at The Hive

More information about the show: https://www.money2020.com