Elise Johnsen Kirkhus, Chief Operating Officer at Neonomics, one of Europe’s leading pure unified PSD2 API platform providers developing the next generation of payments and financial services across Europe via one unified API, will be speaking at Money20/20. Elise graduated with a Master of Law from the University of Oslo and an LL.M in International Financial Law from King’s College London in 2010. She has previously worked ten years as a finance lawyer, both in-house at DNB, Norway’s largest financial institution, and at the Norwegian law firm BAHR, gaining extensive knowledge of financial law, regulations, and the financial markets. In 2016 she became a CFA Charterholder. During her last years in BAHR, Elise was the CEO of the firm’s legal tech subsidiary, creating new technical solutions and business opportunities within the legal tech space and then joining Neonomics in August 2020 to take the company from startup to scale-up.


What should an open data economy look like?

Wed, September 22, 2021
14:00 – 15:00

With the inevitable progression from open banking to open data economy, the financial services industry can play an important role in becoming the trusted core for the orchestration of data and payment flows between industry players. Let’s move beyond open banking and map out what the industry would look like if we were building an open data economy. How will the competitive structure change? What will be the role of financial organisations? How will it change the technological fabric on which the financial services are built and delivered?

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